My first 30 minutes with Photos

I’m on vacation right now and I left my personal computer, with my Lightroom library on it, at home. So when I sat down this afternoon to clear out my sd cards so far from the trip I figured I’d give the new Apple photos a go. I’d already set it up to sync my library, but hadn’t ever tried to use it for RAW files off my SLR.

DAM beautiful, but not intuitive,

Maybe it’s all the years of Lightroom keyboard shortcuts burned into my fingers, but I felt like I was wearing boxing gloves and trying to type while using Photos to interact with my whole library. Things just aren’t where they belong (to my mind) and it’s not intuitive how to get from place to place.

There is no keyboard shortcut to go from what Lightroom calls “loupe” view, back to the “grid” view. This makes photos almost a non-starter for me since I’m constantly flipping back and forth between fullscreen and grid.

Looking at stuff on a map, or searching by faces were all super cool, but generally browsing my library wasn’t as powerful as I wanted to to be. For example, there’s no ability that I found to do basic filtering on the whole library, like showing everything starred from the last week.

All the editing I ever wanted

The editing on the other hand is basically perfect. I’ve never been a huge retoucher so all I ever need are the basic controls that Photos provides. Being able to just magic wand something, or to use controls in a more granular way is nearly perfect. And the fact that it works “the right way”, meaning non-destructively is huges.

Everything in the cloud?

Our family photostream is our scrapbook and family history all in one place. It lets the grandparents play along at home and keeps a great time series of many of the things we’ve done as a family.

Having that be integrated into my main photo workflow would be huge. It would mean that I would use our DSLR more, and get more photos into the stream.

Unfortunately it doesn’t seem like it’s there yet. I made three or four attempts to upload photos to my main photo stream through a variety of means (the share button, ctrl clicking, drag and drop). None of them seemed to work, or give any feedback on whether they were working on not working. And now I’m standing in front of the lodge hoping that better wi-fi signal will fix it.

So what?

I’m guessing I’ll revisit my full workflow when I get home, but the most likely thing is that I’ll automate something that lets me export from lightroom directly to the photostream, or at least to the photos app and then to the photo stream.